June 6, 2018

My Lord Elgin

 by Yaanyarko Adu – May 25, 2018


When I started my internship at the Lord Elgin Hotel, I was not sure what to except. How big the staff was, what state the last intern left the social media content at before leaving. I mean these are all things to ponder when starting any new job, right? By the end of my first full week, I felt very welcome and at ease. I received a full tour of all back of house and front of house operations. From the lovely restaurant, Grill 41, the newly renovated guestrooms, the ladies at the front desk and the staff in marketing & reservations, I truly got a sense of all the staff that guests do not get to see on a daily basis.

Everything is interconnected, every department relies on the other communication wise in order to function well and deliver results that will benefit the guests in the end. There is a relaxing vibe here because they truly deal with one another with respect and as any work family should.

Starting a few days before the tulip festival started, the history of the tulip festival in relation to the Lord Elgin Hotel was explained to me. The significance of the portraits in the main level hallway is apart of the hotel’s history and brand; it is not just a beautiful photograph.

I am very grateful for the things I am learning about myself and most importantly using the skills I learned in my Public Relations program to be productive at the Lord Elgin Hotel. In my time here, I hope to increase traffic on the social media pages and provide the public with content that will make them feel confident that the Lord Elgin hotel is the right choice in regards to their accommodations in Ottawa.