March Break at the LE

Museum of Nature - Sloth

by Anthony Ruest

Haven’t yet booked a week’s worth of March Break activities? Thinking you’ll now have to settle for the few leftover options available?

Fear not.

The Lord Elgin Hotel, widely renowned for its proximity to everything that’s anything in the nation’s capital, is also known for something a little more fitting – its exciting accommodation packages – and this March Break, we have something special.

This package will provide both educational and cultural activities, and for the more energetic of you, outdoor fun is ever-present! 

The “March Break Package” includes offerings for two of Ottawa’s most popular, family-friendly museums– the Museum of History and the Museum of Nature.

But there are so many more, the War Museum, the Canada Aviation Museum, the Museum of Science & Technology, the Ottawa Art Gallery, or the National Gallery of Canada.

We haven’t forgotten those who cherish their time outdoors, this is the ideal opportunity to delight your taste buds at the Sugar Bush. Visit Fulton’s Pancake House and Sugar Bush, where you can spend the day creating long-lasting memories, surrounded by the people you love. Or, enjoy an incredible day of spring skiing at one of our outstanding near-by hills: Camp Fortune, Edelweiss, or Mont Cascades.

As the celebrated French dramatist, Pierre Corneille, once said, “Reason and love are sworn enemies”, times have surely changed, as Ottawa is radiating with reasons to love.

This March Break will be unlike any other; euphoria, laughter, and peace of mind will float freely through its atmosphere. As carefree, freshly liberated members of society make their way about this harbor of recreation, you may have to stay the week to get it all in!