January 3, 2017

Welcome to 2017!!!

We are SOOO excited about this year…. 2017 bodes to be a spectacular one for Ottawa!  With the wrap up of our wonderful renovations, we are so pumped and ready for all the celebrations the 150th birthday of our country will bring.

So we thought this event that happened on January 1st was just a perfect symbol of a great year.   On Sunday, this small owl flew into the revolving door and knocked itself out. Jessica from the front desk wrapped it in a towel and cuddled it and the baby owl eventually came to. However while Jessica was cradling it‎, the owl hopped out of the towel and onto the front desk where it then proceeded to fly into the large Christmas tree. We called Heber in our maintenance department for assistance as the owl was then flying around the lobby.  Heber, using the pool net, was able to shoo the baby owl towards an open door. It had trouble finding it’s way out, that’s when our bellman, Gauthier, was able to catch it and they released it back outside. It then spent the remainder of the day sitting in the tree outside of the Lady Elgin Room at the front of the hotel. It was quite an event!!

img_1623 img_1624 img_1625

There is never a dull moment at our beautiful hotel – just another example why we all love coming to work each day!!

Happy New Year everyone!!