July 30, 2018

We love our loyal employees!!!

Lord Elgin Hotel 75th Anniversary

Dale Grant (center)

In the hotel’s 45th year, a new employee by the name of Dale Grant started working here. On August 26, 1986, Dale started off working in food prep at the Pub in the lower level of the hotel. He worked there for 4 years before they closed for renovations.

A short time after that he was offered a position as a houseman in our housekeeping department, which he gladly accepted. His position consists of cleaning the lobby and public spaces, laundry, shampooing and the outside maintenance of the hotel. This also includes tending to the beautiful tulips on the hotel grounds every year. Dale always has a smile on his face and loves to say hello to both guests and staff alike.

Dale has been with the hotel for 32 years and has seen it undergo 2 renovations. His fondest memories of the hotel are when the hotel is at its busiest, namely, spring and summer (tourist season), Christmas and March break. During this time there is always a rush at the hotel.

When asked of a position at the hotel he would like to switch to and work at for a day, Dale smiled and said, “Front desk and switchboard. Front desk gets to meet different people every day and switchboard seems interesting.”

Dale lives with his partner and cat, whom is basically his first baby. His second baby is the Lord Elgin Hotel lobby…that is Dale Grant’s territory.

Thank you Dale for your dedication, hard work and bringing a smile to every guest face when they walk into the Lord Elgin Hotel lobby. The Lord Elgin family appreciates you.