My time at the Lord Elgin Hotel

Hello fellow readers,

My name is Aniek and I am a co-op student with a placement at the Lord Elgin Hotel.  I have been here since September, five months! I’ve had such an amazing and memorable experience and, I wish it didn’t have to come to an end so soon.  I am sad that I will be heading out of the office, but I decided to take a happier note today, and talk more about all of the amazing things that I have had the opportunity to do here! So on that note, here are a few of the fantastic things that I’ve enjoyed here, at my co-op placement;

  • I have learned a great deal of new information about how hotels run, and all of the computer systems that they use.
  • I could not be any more grateful for the opportunity to work with the nicest and, friendliest people I have ever met.
  • Something about getting to work in a beautiful environment just makes it that much better. The Lord Elgin is a classical yet timelessly beautiful building that truly anyone can appreciate!
  • As if the beautiful building isn’t enough, it is also such a wonderful location. Being right downtown is just perfect for; dining out, events, museums, culture, and shopping.

While at my placement I learned so much about hotels, way more than I would’ve in a class! The Lord Elgin hotel is a truly marvelous hotel and it is the perfect place to do a co-op placement, to work, and most definitely stay. Anytime someone I know comes to visit Ottawa, you bet the Lord Elgin will be my first recommendation to them.


-Aniek (The Co-op Student)