January 20, 2020

Lord Elgin Hotel Growing With The City!

Being able to say that you have been there. Through the ups and downs, through the changes of the city, and through the emotions is something not many people can express. Absolutely a building can express this, in the downtown core of Ottawa, the country’s capital city. A hotel nonetheless, standing tall and growing with the events that occur around it. Construction, weather, and festivities are some of the key factors that have been built into the development of the hotel. From the 1941 grand opening, to the 75th anniversary, activities are not scarce for the hotel. Events such as Winterlude, Canada Day, Ottawa’s Jazz Festival and the very well know Tulip Festival are some of the featured collaborative events the hotel is included in. Check out our history page for some key events in the Lord Elgin Hotel’s past, and here are some photographs!

black and white Picture of the lord elgin's lobby when they first opened in 1941 black and white picture of the hallway in 1941 of the lord elgin hotel black and white picture of the elevator vestibule when the hotel first opened in 1941

Can you believe that through so much the hotel still stands in its own unique way. Being able to incorporate historic features is what makes the hotel special. Being able to compare the specific features are something to come visit for. The mail box, the telephones on each floor, and event the detailing inside the elevators are unique and restored. Here are some of those features now!

 Elegantly decorated lobby at the Lord Elgin Hotel in downtown Ottawa

elevator vestibule today in hotel

Walking into the hotel is a more than special feeling, it’s the classic, warm and family-friendly feel. You know once you walk through the doors that everyone will be delighted to see you. No matter the age, the Lord Elgin Hotel has a package or details for how you can enjoy your stay. Always feel free to call or go to the front desk, where any one of our team members will help you out.


STAY TUNED for the Humans Of The Lord Elgin Hotel! To be published with a member of the team on social media as well as on this blog platform.