October 7, 2015

I am completely Farklempt! – by Liz Lesh

While cleaning my house this morning for the anticipated Thanksgiving arrival of my daughter,  I found myself lost in admiration for the woman Sarah has become, and I began composing a mental list of all the things that make me so proud of this amazing woman!

Handwritten notes are a tradition in my home which I began from the time my kids were toddlers.  Little surprises that we still enjoy, and although my kids know they will find a note somewhere, they still love the words and the thought.  Personal and intimate notes often speak louder than a hug.

With a warm heart and a chest full of pride, I placed a Clinique gift bag (gift with purchase kind of gift) and a note that said “I give thanks for the independent, ambitious, bright and creative woman you have become”.

This is one of the many, many, many things I give THANKS for on this Thanksgiving!

Liz & SarahNow I am completely Farklempt!