Carleton Suite Hotel – at long last our sister hotel opens!!

Carleton Suite Hotel


Ottawa is a relatively small town and if you are what they call ‘old Ottawa’ , you know what I mean.  With my ancestors going back to Bytown days (1830’s and 40’s), the names are all very familiar.  It is no wonder I love working for a family-owned business, as I grew up in one.  We are a tough lot.  Resilient and hard working!

So it is fitting that we all celebrate when one of the family businesses does good!  While the Lord Elgin and our sister hotel, the Metcalfe Hotel remain closed during this time of COVID, we are thrilled that the Carleton Suite Hotel & Residences (yes, you can now live there) is now open for business.  We can finally get back to what we know and do best, welcoming our guests and making them feel at home.  It feel SO good to be back in the saddle.  Gives us all a sense of purpose and hope!

This pandemic is ‘testing our metal’, our resilience, particularly, as it stretches on.   I have been listening to a number of podcasts on Stoicism – an ancient philosophy that highlights courage, wisdom, temperance, strength.  In particular, a book called The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius provide some wonderful sage advice.

So we march forth and know that we will all get through this as long as we work together!  We are so fortunate to have resilient folks in our tourism industry in Ottawa and in our individual hotels, the Lord Elgin Hotel, The Metcalfe Hotel and the Carleton Suite Hotel.  They are all dedicated to not just survive, but to thrive during this time.  A huge heartfelt thanks goes out to all of them for helping us re-open our doors and warmly welcome you back!!  It gives us all hope, which we need!