March 1, 2018

The Best Things to Do this March Break – According to Aly the Intern

Though Winterlude may be over, there are still plenty of great activities to do in Ottawa; and March break is just around the corner!

So, with less than three weeks until the best week of the year, I’ve put together a list of all of my favourite things to do in Ottawa for all age groups – from museums, to old school arcade games, there’s something on this list for everyone! Use this as your guide to make this March Break the best one yet.

For the Little Ones:

Play and Learn at Ottawa’s great museums!

Both located in Ottawa, the Museum of History and the Museum of Nature are both guaranteed to be fun for the whole family!

At the Museum of Nature’s Butterflies in Flight exhibit, your family can wander through a world of brilliant butterflies! This exclusive exhibit is only available until April 2nd, so March Break makes for a great opportunity to take advantage of it before it’s gone. In addition, the Museum of History is right in the midst of it’s DreamWorks Animation exhibit, which features many behind-the-scenes insights about all of your favourite DreamWorks films! The exhibit ends on April 8th, so don’t miss your chance to attend.

If these exhibits interest you, then you’re in luck! Our March break package includes tickets to both museums! Check it out here :

Bounce around at the Flying Squirrel!

Desperate to burn some of your kid’s energy? Take them to Flying Squirrel, the world’s largest trampoline gym!

The Flying Squirrel has so many fun activities for kids, that I can’t even begin cover them all! From a lazer maze, to trampoline-dodgeball courts, to slacklines, getting the kids to excersize has never been easier. Be sure to visit their website to see all they have to offer!


Climb up the walls at Clip n’ Climb! 

A little outside of Ottawa in a remodeled church in Gatineau is one of my all time favourite activities!

Clip n’ Climb is an altitude gym that can only be described as “altitude gym meets themepark” at Clip n’ Climb, you do exactly that, clip yourself in to your harness and climb up one of their various individually themed climbing walls!

Though this activity might be a little out of the way, it’s definitely worth the drive!


Have some family fun at Fun Haven! 

What better place to have fun than a family fun centre? Fun Haven, located near IKEA, is full of ways to have fun, and is sure to have something for everyone! From an indoor roller coaster, to arcade games, to bumper cards, Fun Haven guarantees to keep the kids entertained for hours!




Visit the newly renovated Science and Technology Museum!

Since reopening in November 2017, the Science and Technology museum has been a huge crowd pleaser for all those who visit! Featuring exhibitions like Artifiact Alley, Hidden Worlds, and the classic Crazy Kitchen, the Science and Tech museum is a great way to spend the day and maybe learn a few things!


For teens and up

Stop by Cacao 70 for a (healthy-ish) bite to eat!

Is chocolate still unhealthy if it’s on top of fruit? That’s for you to decide. Stop by Cacao 70 at Landsdowne or the Byward Market for a chocolate fondu, crêpe, milkshake, or anything else you can think of to satisfy your chocolate craving!

A great spot to sit back and relax with friends, Cacao 70 is one of my favourite spots in all of Ottawa to satisfy my sweet tooth.


Get your game on at The Loft Board Game Lounge!

They say that if a friendship can withstand a game of Monopoly, it will last forever. Put your friendships to the test and visit The Loft on Waller St. near the Rideau Centre.

A super laid back place that offers great food and even better drinks, The Loft has hundreds of board games for you and your friends to play all day long! In addition to all that, The Loft has a super knowledgeable staff that will happily take the time to     suggest and explain any game to you and your friends.

In addition to all of this, The Loft also has a huge selection of video games for you and your friends to play, so head over there and show off your wicked Guitar Hero skills.

Create a masterpiece with Paint Nite!

If you’re anything like me, you probably won’t impress anyone at Paint Nite with your art skills, but that doesn’t mean you can’t impress them with your wine drinking skills!

Paint nite is a great opportunity to have some drinks and spend time with friends while doing something a little more out of the box. Hosted every Friday and Saturday evening at Grill 41, Paint Nite never fails to draw a crowd and create a fun atmosphere for all who attend. Every week, a Paint Nite instructor teaches you how to create a unique painting, so attend over and over again!

Buy your tickets here:


Get locked up at Escape Manor! 

Having a hard time getting your friends to spend time with you this March break? Why not lock yourself in a room with them!

Escape manor is home to Ottawa’s top rated escape rooms, with two locations in Ottawa, and a collaboration with the Museum of Nature, there are plenty of rooms for you and your friends to get locked up in!

If I had to pick a favourite, I’d say that Escape Manor is at the top of my list when it comes to things to do in Ottawa. With plenty of rooms to choose from, Escape Manor never fails to deliver a fun and challenging experience for you and your friends. From scary rooms like The Asylum, to more lighthearted rooms like their Beau’s Brewery room, Escape Manor has something for everyone!

Hang out at House Of Targ!

What are the three best things you can think of? If you thought of old school arcade games, live music, and perogies, then House of Targ is the place for you!

House of Targ is a super cool spot located on Bank Street that is chock-full of old school pinball machines and video games that are sure to make you feel like Mad Max from Stranger Things. If that’s not enough, they also have an amazing perogi menu and live music after 8 p.m. on weekdays and 9 p.m. on weekends (children are welcome until the music starts.)

There’s not a whole lot of convincing required when it comes to getting people to go to House of Targ, in fact, it’s very possible that you’ve stopped reading this to head over already. Thank me later!


Enjoy the view at Ève Café!

So you’ve spent a little too much time having fun this March break and now you’re behind on your work – Not to worry! Head over to Ève Café inside Simons at the Rideau Centre to catch up while taking in the breathtaking view of downtown Ottawa!

The hidden café with a beautiful view features a French-Canadian inspired menu, and thrives to give guests the same great customer service that Simons never fails to provide, and most importantly, getting work done here won’t seem so bad!


Do you love any of these spots as much as I do, or know of some that didn’t make the list? We’d love to hear about your favourite March break activites!