September 12, 2016

A Lord Elgin Hotel Sales Retreat

Sales Retreat for Lord Elgin Sales Team - 2016Lord Elgin Hotel Sales Team STrategic Retreat - 2016


On Tuesday September 6th, when most folks were headed back to work or school, or just getting into routine again after the summer, the Lord Elgin held its yearly sales retreat.

The retreat was generously hosted by our Director of Sales and Marketing, Ann Meelker at her family cottage 2 hours northeast of the city.    It was a great way to end the summer and to begin full-throttle into the next contracting season focused and prepared.

This was my first sales retreat since joining the Lord Elgin last October and it was a chance for me to review my first year with the hotel and begin planning my next successful year.

The purpose of the sales retreat was to come together as a team to discuss our successes & failures of the past year and to talk about our goals and plans for the coming year with structure and free thinking.  Together we came up with ways to achieve and implement these goals.  It was a time to be creative, bond, and enjoy some lovely scenery away from the confines of our cubicles while doing it.

We kicked off the retreat with a 2-hour car-pool dance party drive to Ann’s cottage.  Once we arrived, Ann greeted us warmly and invited us to take a dip in the beautiful, crystal-clear and surprisingly-warm lake.   After we all got settled, we had a bite to eat and got down to business.

Before the retreat, each of us had completed in-depth presentations of our respective market strategies.  For example, my market segments are:  Group Tour, SMERF & FIT.   Ann opened the discussions and got us started.  Each of us then shared our presentations with the team.  We shared our experiences, our concerns, and our goals.  The discussion was open and all were invited to ask questions, challenge each other and be creative.

After the roundtable presentations, we took a little break and headed down to the spectacular dock out on the lake.  It had been a long day and it was just about supper time by then.  The discussion continued. We were on a real roll!  Some of us took another dip in the lake and then we headed back up to the cottage where we began preparing a pot-luck dinner.  We ate like a family in a screened in porch in the middle of nature.  It had been a long day.  After supper, we put some music on and let loose.  Our night ended with the team laying on a big blanket out on the dock looking up at the stars, talking.

So there you have it – A Lord Elgin Sales Retreat!

Did I mention how much I love working here?