July 22, 2016

75 Years ago….we opened our doors

75th Anniversary Publication - Lord Elgin Hotel Ottawa

This week we celebrated 75 years since the Lord Elgin opened it’s doors.  It was likely a hot July day, similar to this week’s weather.  Attending were all the who’s who of Ottawa, including Prime Minister Mackenzie King, other prominent ministers, the Mayor and prominent Ottawa business people, and many more.

Randy Boswell, who wrote a book for us that captured the ‘birth’ of the Hotel in his book ‘The Lord Elgin Hotel, Mackenzie King’s capital vision and the birth of a landmark‘ captured the emotion of that day so well in this excerpt that was in today’s on-line version of the Ottawa Citizen

When interviewed this week by some of the journalists who attended our birthday celebrations, they asked what was my favorite memory.  I could not think of any one in particular, but rather so many that wash over me with warmth.  This has always been my home away from home.  I could easily live here, as was the practice a generation ago, when management would live in the hotel.  I have met some of my very best friends here.  The people here are like family to each other – incredibly supportive of each other and so very hard working!  We celebrate together each other’s successes and support each other when we have challenges.  They welcome the guests to the hotel as they would to their home.  When they are sick, they bring them tea and cozy things and even ensure they get home safely.  No kidding!

Reading the piece in the Citizen today just made me feel even more proud to work at this historic place.  It is truly an honor.