What to do in Ottawa by Andrew Horsfield

From Andrew Horsfield, ‘Senior’ Sales Manager at the Lord Elgin

Number one on everyone’s list when they come to Ottawa should be the museums.  Starting with the War Museum, my personal favourite, the list goes on from there.  You just can’t go wrong.   I was just at the opening of the Animals Inside Out display at the Museum of Nature and it was spectacular.   A truly fascinating display of animals shown in a unique way.   Then there is The Museum of History in Gatineau.  It is famous around the world, especially for its architecture.    Be sure to plan on an entire day to truly do this wonderful building properly.

Other than museums, the next stop you need to make is at the National Gallery.  I have spent many pleasant hours wandering through its galleries and special exhibitions.  I know there are masterpieces from around the world there, but I still find myself returning the Group of Seven Gallery and Tom Thompson.  Much of my life was spent living in North West Ontario so their paintings of the wilderness bring back many wonderful memories.

Once you have visited the Museums and the Gallery, it’s time to hit the market to enjoy some serious patio action.