May 25, 2017

Ottawa Senators – Game 7

Finally, the game our capital has been waiting for.

The Ottawa Senators face the Pittsburgh Penguins, 8 p.m. tonight at the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh for game 7 in the Eastern Conference. The Ottawa Senators have become the only Canadian team left in the NHL playoffs. With the series at a deadlock, game 7 will decide which team advances to the Stanley Cup Finals. And the Lord Elgin staff have their fingers crossed for our hometown’s team.

As the playoff progress, Canadians can’t help but express their hockey fan excitement and anticipation for tonight’s game! Whether you’re at home, with some friends or somewhere in the Ottawa area, Sens Mile (best known as Elgin Street) is where you want to be to watch the game.

Sens Mile starts at Gladstone and ends at Laurier, right by the Lord Elgin Hotel.

As a dedicated Ottawa Senators, history has proven game 7 has never been won by the Ottawa Senators since they were founded in 1992. But, even with these grey clouds hanging over the city, the Lord Elgin can guarantee the city’s exciting atmosphere seen on Sens Mile tonight will create a memorable night for true sports fans!

Canadians are true sports fans.  We go through everything with our teams, especially our hockey teams. Whether it be the Toronto Maple Leaf’s, Montreal Canadians, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames, or the Ottawa Senators, Canadians want to see a team bring Lord Stanley’s cup north of the border. Canada 150th would be the perfect opportunity for the Ottawa Senators, Canada’s capital city team, to win game 7 and be one step closer to the Stanley Cup Finals.

The Ottawa Senators playoffs season has been a continuous inspiring battle, with some nights being jaw-dropping and others the reverse, but this season is Ottawa’s.

Round One

Game 1: Senators scores first in the second, but Bruins wins with two in the third

Game 2: Bruins takes the second with three, while Senators gains one then two in the third, and takes the win in OT

Game 3: Senators score two in the first and takes the win in OT

Game 4: Senators scores one in the third to defeat Bruins in game 4

Game 5: Senators score in the first and second, while Bruins tie it up to take the win in OT

Game 6: Bruins score one in the first and third, but Senators manage to take second with two, and win in OT

Round Two

Game 1: Both Senators and Rangers score in the second with Senators taking the third

Game 2: Rangers are 1–3–1, Senators 1–1–3, Ottawa finishes in OT with the final score 5 – 6

Game 3: Rangers have two per period through first 4–0, Senators add one in the second, but Rangers take the game

Game 4: Rangers 1–2–1 with Senators scoring in the third, but Rangers take the game

Game 5: Rangers two in the first followed by Senators with a repeat similar to game 2, Senators take the game in OT

Game 6: Senators score two in the first, scoring another in the second with Rangers gaining one, but Senators win

Conference Finals:

Game 1: Senator score in the first, give one up in the third and win in OT

Game 2: Pittsburgh scores in the third and take game two from the Senators

Game 3: Senator score four in the first, one in the second and Penguins gain a goal in the third, but Senators take the win

Game 4: Penguins score in the first with two more the second than Senators scores two as well, but Penguins take the fourth

Game 5: Penguins go 4–1–2 for a total of seven goals with nothing from our Senators

Game 6: Senators and Penguins tie the game up in the second, but Senators take game 6 in the end

Game 7: #ALLIN

Pits vs Senators

As part of the Sen Mile community, we will be cheering on our Ottawa Senators tonight!

Are you #ALLIN?

Written by:

Social Media Intern – Jazlyn Dunham