January 15, 2020

Humans Of The Lord Elgin – part 1

NADIA – Executive HousekeeperA picture of lovely Nadia


“Being promoted was one of the most meaningful Lord Elgin moments in my career. Moving up from the different positions. I started as room attendant, then moved to room checker, to assistant house keeper, and now to executive house keeper. I have been here now for 42 years.”

“At the beginning I was just 18 years old, when my sister in-law told me they were looking for people at the Lord Elgin where she was working.  When I got the job, I started working right away.  At the beginning I was working just a few days a week. And then I was laid off during the winter because it was not that busy at the hotel. After wintertime, I was put on call. It was hard as I had two young kids.  You get a call in the morning to go to work and you have to make sure the kids are okay; take the kids to the babysitter, then bus to work. To get the everyone ready and make it to work in an hour every time I was called was the challenge.”