March 2, 2020

Humans Of The Lord Elgin – part 5

LIZ – Corporate Sales Manager with Style – 1 Decade and 7 beautiful months.

Humans Of The Lord Elgin – part 4 Liz
liz practicing yoga in front of one of our annual ice benches



While working for the competition on the other side of the Mackenzie Bridge, I secretly dreamed of working, and representing the Historic Lord Elgin Hotel.  I always felt that this would be a labour of passion and not a job. One day, I called Ann Meelker, Director of Sales, and asked for a position in Sales.  Here I am today, proud to be part of the history of the Lord Elgin Hotel.”




Where do I begin.  Almost every day is a memorable moment.  Let’s start with:

  1. Securing the largest booking in the 79-year history of the Lord Elgin Hotel
  2. Booking, and successfully orchestrating a Mini Car convention with over 100 mini cars enthusiasts arriving all at the same time.  That was so much fun!
  3. Experiencing our 14-million-dollar renovation
  4. Celebrating Lord Elgin Hotel’s 75thanniversary
  5. Meeting and hugging the Dalai Lama
  6. Watching many of my colleague’s careers soar, families grow, and sharing so many life stories with my Lord Elgin family.
  7. Having the privilege to work with such a diverse group of people.  We are a mini United Nations here at Lord Elgin Hotel.  I work with wonderful people from almost every country in the world.”

“I practice and teach Yoga which opened me up to a new community and language. Weight lifting keeps me strong and confident, and photography is how I express my creativity.”

“Every single client impacts my life in some way and many have become really good friends. I have a lot of stories, but they are all in the vault. “