LRT!! Finally arrives in Ottawa!

Otawa LIght Rail Train Ottawa Light Rail Train Parliament Station Downtown Ottawa Light Rail Train at Parliament Station

Well, it has finally arrived!  The long-awaited Ottawa light rail train officially launched on September 14th and this morning was it’s first run on a busy business day.  It has been years in the making… long overdue and anticipated!

Today, the General Manager of the Lord Elgin Hotel in downtown Ottawa decided to take a ride.  He boarded the train at Parliament Station by walking up two blocks from the hotel here on Elgin Street.  From there he took the train to Blair Road (east end of town) in under 15 minutes.  Then he returned to downtown Ottawa and then continued to Tunney’s Pasture in less than 10 minutes.  He was VERY impressed, by the speed and frequency of the trains (every 4 to 5 minutes or so).  What a game changer!!

We are thrilled that our hotel guests at the Lord Elgin can now get out to their meetings or offices where they are doing business in the East and West end AND all places in between so easily and quickly.  Not only will they be there in a flash, but they will be warm and dry…. yahoo!!!  Something we will all love come winter, especially in downtown Ottawa.

The big bonus of all this is that the downtown traffic around the Lord Elgin Hotel and nearby will be greatly reduced, as the many buses along Slater street and Albert street will be cancelled or their schedules reduced significantly.  Our valet team will be so happy to be able to get in and out of garage in a couple of minutes!

Thank you to all of the thousands upon thousands of workers who have made Ottawa’s new LRT possible !  We are eternally grateful!!

From the entire team at the Lord Elgin Hotel in downtown Ottawa!!

Summer drawing to a close…

It all went by way too quickly!!   It seemed only yesterday we were out on the sidewalk cheering on the first day of the Changing of the Guard as they marched up to Parliament Hill.  Where did the summer of 2019 go??

I have worked at this hotel off and on for almost 45 years and one thing that is a constant is how alive our location is!  We have this perfect juxtaposition between the natural beauty of Confederation Park and the Rideau Canal and then all the fun and lively stuff that goes on around us along Elgin Street and up to Parliament Hill.  I always think we enjoy the best of both worlds.

I could not get enough of summer this year and found a little walk after lunch along the canal provided the perfect little break in my day.  I find there is nothing like being beside water to calm me.  Walking with the tourists of our town along the canal, I am reminded just how beautiful this city is.

Boat on the Rideau Canal

It is Friday of the Labour Day Weekend and our front lane is busy. I love the buzz and excitement that is so palpable in our lobby.  Our team have it down to a fine science, managing the flow and busy check-in time.  The weather is just perfect for this long weekend.  Lots on the slate for our visitors – the Hot Air Balloon Festival, opening weekend for our Universities, and all the usual summer activities still in play.

September is one of our busiest months of the year and we are ready for it!  We just are wrapping up the renovation to our Pearson Room and we are so excited to welcome the first meeting happening there next week!  Lots of pics to come!

Have a fabulous w/e everyone!!!