I am completely Farklempt! – by Liz Lesh

While cleaning my house this morning for the anticipated Thanksgiving arrival of my daughter,  I found myself lost in admiration for the woman Sarah has become, and I began composing a mental list of all the things that make me so proud of this amazing woman!

Handwritten notes are a tradition in my home which I began from the time my kids were toddlers.  Little surprises that we still enjoy, and although my kids know they will find a note somewhere, they still love the words and the thought.  Personal and intimate notes often speak louder than a hug.

With a warm heart and a chest full of pride, I placed a Clinique gift bag (gift with purchase kind of gift) and a note that said “I give thanks for the independent, ambitious, bright and creative woman you have become”.

This is one of the many, many, many things I give THANKS for on this Thanksgiving!

Liz & SarahNow I am completely Farklempt!


Giving Thanks

I have asked some of our team to contribute their own posts on gratitude.  Here is mine, which I will try to shorten, as I consider myself so very fortunate and blessed to have a healthy, beautiful family and good health and an amazing place to work with people that have also become a family. I also live in the most amazing country and city.  It doesn’t get much better.

This past week has been difficult as one of my very long term team members is leaving to work with her husband and their family business.  Maxine has been with me for 10 + years minus some time for her two childrens’ arrivals.   Max is one of the most passionate people I know.  If she loves something, she gushes with enthusiasm and if she does not like something, she is equally expressive in a very different way.  She embodies what I love about French Canadians; love of all things soulful – good food, friends, family, beauty, nature, music and she expresses it all so beautifully.   She enlivens our team and makes us laugh.   She is a perfectionist in all she does and is very hard on herself, but fortunately, she can also laugh at herself.

We shall all miss Maxine so very much and for me, she has been like one of my daughters here.   She started in July 2005 and has blossomed both professionally and personally.  She has a beautiful family that she could not love more.  She knows more about her market segment than almost anyone I know.  She is a true pro!

I have so much to be grateful for and as I say goodbye to Max this week, I am reminded how very fortunate I am to have a remarkable team who have given us/me so much of themselves.  You have to know how very thankful I am to know you and work with you.