A Proud Patriot

From Rikki Cavanagh, Sales Manager, Lord Elgin Hotel…. (fresh out of college, this young gal brings a fresh face and fun to our office)

I am new to Ottawa.  I grew up in Montreal, just two hours away, but worlds apart.  My favourite things to do in Ottawa are the things that make it the National Capital, the things that make me proud to be Canadian.  The first time I watched the Guards march up Elgin Street for the Changing of the Guard I was brought to tears.  Ottawa is the only place you can see that display of patriotism in Canada and that’s when it hit me, I live in the Capital!

Another unique experience is the sound & light show on the Parliament Buildings.  There are hundreds upon hundreds of people on Parliament Hill, sitting on blankets with their families and friends, learning about Canada’s history through a beautiful display of special effects.  I was blown away!  The quality of this free show is astounding and on top of being entertained, I actually learned a bit!

The city is filled with national monuments and amazing architecture, it is impossible not to fall in love with it.  But if you do need a bit of help, stand on the Laurier Bridge and look out at the Rideau Canal, the Parliament Buildings, and everything beautiful in between.  Just like me, you will feel proud to be Canadian, and happy to be home.