The Lord Elgin gears up for Canada Day 2017!

The Lord Elgin hotel has been in the heart of Ottawa for 75 years now, our rich history revolves around the capital. Constructed in the war time era, the Lord Elgin and its staff has had the opportunity to see Ottawa grow into the wonderful and modernized city it is now. Ottawa is our home and this Canada day will be even more extravagant than the past 75 years, as most will see, Ottawa is covered with signs and posters for Canada’s big 150th birthday!

This year, Canada, we’re going big! Not only are we going to have internal hotel celebrations and gifts, but our hotel, is in the heart of all the celebration! We are located right next to City Hall, down the Hill from parliament and facing the famous confederation park!

Ottawa holds numerous events for Canada 150, such as:

La machine: A huge metallic half dragon, half horse and spider will roam the streets of downtown Ottawa from July 27 to July 30.

La Machine is a street theater that started back in 1999. Its creator, François Delarozière, wanted to thank artists, technicians and theatre designers for working together on the construction and creation of unusual theatre objects.

Inspiration Village, revolves around fun challenges, surprises, fun workshops and inspirational guest speakers. The entire village lights up, and has become a true Ottawa gem. The events will be taking place until September 4.

-KONTINUUM, from July 16 to September 14, Ottawa’s future Lyon Light Rail Transit (LRT) station is transformed into an immersive multimedia production. Visitors descend into a fabricated reality where invisible frequencies take on the physical dimension. Get your tickets now before it’s too late!

Now we will talk about what Lord Elgin is doing for this celebration.

For starters, our famous and delicious restaurant, Grill 41, has created a ‘’Canada Day menu’’ How delicious? Our bets are on maple glazed foods!

Serving only the best foods from coast to coast, most of these savoury dishes will revolve around historical and current well-known Canadian favourites.


It’ll make your tastebuds proud to be Canadian!

Grill 41 opened its doors 2010 and was formerly known as the Elgin Café, or Murray’s Restaurant, among other names.  Under the direction of Executive Chef, Neil Mather, they have truly perfected every single one of their dishes.  Neil has worked as a chef internationally, including working in the Bahamas and Kenya in one of the tops tourists resorts and has won ‘Chef of the year’ for Ottawa countless times. No wonder it’s an Ottawa favourite! They’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner! To make reservations please call: (613) 569-2126

One of the biggest and historical events for Canada Day, is the famous fireworks. These can be seen from right outside our hotel; you can even go for a late night stroll and view these spectacular fireworks. And, for Canada’s 150, Canada promised it will be the biggest firework show in Canada’s history, definitely a must see!

Canada Day

Parliament Hill

Now for our guests, we want you to experience the most amazing Canada Day possible; therefore, we have made a Canada Day essential giftbag to help you explore the ciyt! The bags contain, flags, maps, rain coats, gift cards and much more!

2017  Canada Day Bag

2017 Canada Day Bag

Our hotel will also create and dedicate an outdoor sign for the nation’s birthday. We are proudly Canadian!!

The Lord Elgin hotel and staff would like to wish you and your loved one an amazing Canada Day!

Written by:

Social Media Intern

Jazlyn Dunham

Lord Elgin Traditions

Let’s talk about traditions.

Have you ever Googled the meaning of traditions? I did, just out of curiosity it means:

“The transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way.”


The main reason people love new or ancient traditions is because it gives them the ability to connect and share a memory with each generation. Whether it’d be commercial, political, or a celebration; everyone has a tradition they anticipate.

Traditions can come from your friends, your family, or maybe even your workplace.  They’re part of our culture and when we partake in them, they make us feel proud.

As many of you know, the Lord Elgin Hotel is very proud to be independently owned and operated. For 76 years the elegant Lord Elgin has been situated in the downtown core of Ottawa. This landmark location has allowed the Lord Elgin’s to be shape into its own unique brand. The staff at Lord Elgin represent this brand. The are always recognized as friendly with superb service, but the staff at the Lord Elgin have many of their own traditions they celebrate each year in order to connect with the Ottawa community.

Here are a few of the Lord Elgin Hotel’s traditions:

Tradition One – Loyal Employee

After working 25 years for the Lord Elgin Hotel, an employee will receive a gold watch, as a gift for their loyalty to the company. This tradition has been apart of the Lord Elgin brand for more than 40 years and many employees have taken part in this tradition. In fact we just gave one away not to long ago at our staff BBQ.

Tradition Two – #MyLordElgin Ice Bench Contest

The Lord Elgin Hotel wanted to get in on the fun of Winterlude; thus they created the ice bench photo contest. The contest begins when Winterlude begins. Many Winterlude goers and passersby take photos of the ice bench, which is always situated outside the lovely Grill 41, and then, after posting their picture and connecting it through Instagram, they enter for a chance to win our grand prize! This tradition started 5 years ago, its gained so much popularity that it is now considered a true Elgin tradition.

Tradition Three – Changing of the Guards

On Friday, July 7th, 2017 at 10 a.m the changing of the guards officially starts. The ceremony begins on Parliament Hill at 9:45 a.m. sharp each morning (until August 25), following a march by the Guard from its Cartier Square Drill Hall just south of Parliament Hill and up Elgin Street. The Changing of the Guard began as a morning routine on the Hill in 1959, and turned into an annual tradition for the city. As for the Lord Elgin team, it has been a tradition for 40 years that the Lord Elgin staff on the first day of the parade, we watch the march on the first day from right outside the front entrance.

marching staffMarching

Tradition Four – Late Night Jam Sessions

One of our newest traditions is our Late Night Jam Sessions, which begins tonight, June 22. Grill 41 transforms as live music from local artists and performers from the TD Ottawa Jazz Festival collaborate. Our favourite part about Late Night Jam Sessions is the ability for our guest to bring in their own instrument to jam with these artists! As a new tradition, it is still unique to our brand, which makes it all the more fun for our guests.


Tradition Five – Staff BBQ

Each year we like to honour our staff for their hard work for the year with some sunshine, good food from Grill 41, prizes and lots of fun. The Lord Elgin would not be the brand it is today, without the work from it wonderful team. This tradition has been going on for 5 years.

Staff BBQ 1Staff BBQ2

These are just a few of the traditions the Lord Elgin celebrates. But, each year our team and the Ottawa community look forward to these traditions. Now, let me ask you, do you have any traditions?

Written by:

Social Media Intern

Jazlyn Dunham