Spreading Cheer LE style

We have a little tradition here at the hotel that has gone on for at least 10 years now.

We work with an amazing bunch of people – folks  in our housekeeping department who clean and care for 15+ rooms a day, doing it with a smile and a warm hello for every guest they see.  Not easy work and many of them have been with us for over 20 years.  They are so cheery and fun to be around and many actually sing while they work.  There is something to be said for an ‘honest’ days work.

Then there are those at the ‘front of the house’ as we say – those that greet our guests as they arrive, valet the cars, carry their bags, check them in and care for them during their stay.  They meet so many wonderful guests.  During the renovation of our guestrooms this year, it was particularly challenging for them.  When any of our guests were disturbed by noise, or any of the issues that would arise when you are renovating mulitple floors at a time, they would be on the receiving end of the feedback.   This team is amazing!  They apologized on behalf of the hotel and did what they could to make our guests happy.  They all deserve a huge pat on the back.  Our General Manager did just that with an amazing dinner and gifts to recognize all they have done through this year.

Then there are all those behind the scenes –  those in  our maintenance department, accounting department, reservations department, catering department and so on.

Without all these wonderful people we would not have success in our sales department.  We can bring in business, but it will not come back if they were not happy with their first experience.  The fact that we have groups that come back year after year is a tribute to all of them.

So we came up with a small token of our thanks… some home made cookies at Christmas time.   Here we are preparing our cookie tins for each of the wonderful departments this year.  Not a big thing, but just a small token of our thanks and spreading some cheer LE style !!  Thank you everyone for such an amazing year!  We are so ready for the big 150th celebration in 2017!!


And our Holiday season would not be complete without our sales team dinner.  This year we gathered at the Belmont Restaurant on Bank Street, where they put on an amazing spread for us.  We always have such a wonderful time together… and here are some pics taken by our star photographer and team member – Liz Lesh , who is in none of these pics obviously as she holds the camera.  Thank you Liz!  Such great memories!

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We Remember

war-memorial  20161111_095953

Today is November 11th – Remembrance Day and we in Ottawa have the great fortune to have the Canada’s National War Monument where thousands gather to honor our veterans and military.

Being just down the street from this beautiful monument is an honor for us at the Lord Elgin Hote in Ottawa.  On this day and really, for the entire week, we have many in uniform gather in our lobby, in our Starbucks and our restaurant and we have this wonderful opportunity to mingle with them and gather their stories.  What an honor!  Given that we will soon have no veterans left for WWII, it is so important to take advantage of these occasions to chat with our veterans.

Yesterday I attended a Mayor’s Breakfast here at Ottawa City Hall and the Canadian Chief of Defense Staff, General Vance was speaking.  He talked of the challenges faced by military families – the stress they face both here while in training and of course, when stationed in difficult places, such as Afghanistan.  He certainly brought it home to me.  They do sacrifice SO much for us and for their country.  We owe them so much respect; something that is terribly lacking in today’s society.

Ironically, Leonard Cohen died yesterday and today I listened to his recording of  the poem ‘In Flanders Fields‘  .  It brings tears to your eyes.  No one recites it better than Leonard Cohen.

I wish my four boys (now men) could have been here today to witness the many vets in our hotel – dressed in their uniforms, many with long rows of medals.  We must never forget what they did for us and what our forces continue to do for us each day!


Lord Elgin Hotel, Ottawa, ON