Location: 100 Elgin St., Ottawa, Ontario

Website: http://grill41.ca/index.html

Executive Chef: Neil Mather


Lunch is typically a low-key meal of any day.  Most people only have an hour to grab their nutritious meal before having to rush back to the office. So, to avoid days like these, you either pack your own lunch or grab something quickly.  But, what about those days when you take out a client, or just want to treat yourself?

Grill 41 is attached to the Lord Elgin hotel located in the heart of downtown Ottawa. The interior is curated to create a social and intimate atmosphere and is gorgeous the second you step foot in the restaurant. Tall ceilings, natural lighting and three different options to dine: lower level, upper level or patio.

2017-07-20        IMG_5750

                    Picture: Lower level of the restaurant.                                             Picture: Table layout.


I would like to share my experience at the infamous Grill 41. A client and I visited Grill 41 the other day for a light lunch, but little did we know we were going to indulge in a few dishes. We began our afternoon experience on the upper level floor, which was curved in its layout, and cozy and comfortable in its design. Following a drink recommendation from the extremely friendly and attentive staff, my client went for the suggested option and ordered a 5oz cabernet sauvignon ($8 for 147 ml). I kept it simple and just ordered a ginger ale, but was quite excited when the beverage came in a glass bottle.


IMG_5751           IMG_5755

                                Picture: Our drinks: left 5oz of cabernet sauvignon and right ginger ale.


Before ordering our light lunch, my client and I decided to share plates. Grill 41 lunch menu has a variety of delicious menu items that appealed to us and sharing plates was the perfect option to experience each item. We asked our knowledgeable waitress about food pairing for a cabernet sauvignon to enhance my client’s fine dining experience. Cabernet sauvignon is a full-bodied red wine with dark fruit flavours and a savoury taste from black peppers to bell peppers and with the perfect food pairing option, this wine allows the drinker taste buds to fill with a powerful berry flavour.

We took all her recommendations and these were our meals:


First Course(s):

Dish: Mushroom & Tomato Bruschetta ($12)

Ingredients: Tomato, wild mushrooms, avocado, onion and parmesan on crostini


Our first meal was a delightfully tasty dish with a burst of summery colours. The crostini texture consistence of a crunchy toasted crust with a soft melting inside topped with a pleasant home-made garnish and fresh parmesan. This dish is vegetarian, but not vegan. This dish will be featured on Grill 41’s tapas journey menu (Sept. 15- 24).


Dish: Vegetarian Spring Rolls ($9)

Ingredients: Carrots, peas served with sweet chili sauce (garnish is cucumber and carrot)

IMG_5757     IMG_5760

Our second dish was a classic menu item, simply displayed with artistic appealing garnishes. A cylindrical casing of very thin fried dough filled with tender crisp vegetables. One bite into this gooey dish had our taste buds amplified. Than we added the sweet chili sauce and the savoury taste had our taste buds soaring. It was our favourite dish. This dish is vegetarian, but not vegan.


Main Course:

Dish: Margherita Pizza ($14)

Ingredients: Mozzarella, basil, tomato and sauce


Moving onto the mains, we shared a Margherita Pizza, which can be a one-person or two-person meal due to the small size of the dish. This pizza has a homemade traditional Pomodoro sauce and in house made dough; each slice consistent of two tomato, a few fresh basil leaves, and fresh mozzarella. It was a fantastic dish.


We were so stuffed after we could not order dessert. But, here a link to Grill 41’s dessert menu.

Whilst the menu was evidently technical in design and thought, my client and I had a delightful experience. The menu had some extravagant item, but we kept to the classic dishes. I mean if a restaurant can make a classic dish stand out than it’s worth experimenting with other dishes.  Our waitress was a combination of both friendly and chatty, and always ensured the quality of our meal was up to par.


On our way out, we bumped in the restaurants Executive Chef, Neil Mather, whom had this to say about Grill 41:

“We’re excited to have refreshed the menus with the traditional grill as our main theme featuring great steaks and fish dishes off the grill. We also have great lunch and breakfast items. We have two amazing private rooms for groups on their special occasions.”


Information Summary


  • Service’s was incredible
  • The lay out of the restaurant including the décor


  • The pizza sauce has a spice, which we particularly don’t like spicy food, but others may

Food Rating: 3.5 out of 5                           Service Rating: 4 out of 5


Written by:

Jazlyn Dunham

Social Media Intern


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